Oragomi Business Card Holder

A low cost alternative to business card holders. Flat professional design built to be quick and easy.

As a designer, sometimes it would seem our work is done once a project has been sent to print. In most cases it is! However, I have found that there are a number of products and services that use utilize print collateral after they've been printed. One of those things is a business card holder. Sometimes these holders can be as expensive as $10, although more likely in the range of $2-5. Why shouldn't there be a cheap if not free option? What if I could turn a business card itself into a holder? This is the result of such thinking.
The design is cut in the shape of the template, then folded once along the center axis. I also have used the design by flexing the shape gently, producing a curved shape, which also performed effectively. This freestanding design doesn't require any glue, tape, or other binding agent.
You can see the shape is based upon the size of a single business card. This allows for the shape to be included in a package of business cards, or produced from an excess card. This allows for a cheap, elegant holder to be produced in a number of ways without excessive time or preparation.
To print the template, download the PDF found here. For best results, print on #80 paper or heavier stock. If you want to make one out of a business card, print the template, and tac up to the card, then cut the shape.
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