Dandelion Non GMO

Mission Statement Dandelion Non GMO foods is an organization working with the FDA to offer protections & assistance to non-GMO crop growers who need to establish the quality of their products. Unlike Competing non-GMO organizations who simply try to raise awareness, Dandelion will officially label and endorse any product that meets the requirements.

A dandelion is often considered to be a wasteful, undesirable, otherwise ugly plant. It is a weed, but it does offer a service that many desirable plants cannot provide, purifies soil. In fact, a dandelion is a very transformational plant; A dandelion flower is born as a bright yellow flower, which matures into a narrow stem that holds the seed head. This metaphor is applied in the goal of Dandelion non-GMO as big food is the prominent food provider, but often those products are modified to be more fruitful and resilient. However, those products also have side effects and mutations that make the plant produce other non desirable qualities. Non GMO products are the underdog in the food production world, but they are always present, uncrushable and healthy for the ecosystem. a Dandelion non-GMO label is a guarantee that your food is a non-GMO product.
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