Canvas Print

This is a step by step process that I took to get an image ready for an image slider on

Recently I was tasked to create a graphic to show off some canvas prints for Bezign Design's website. I already knew that I wanted to do some perspective work in photoshop and I found this lovely image from Amarjits on Pixabay <> He already had some photo frames on the wall, which is why I felt it was a fitting composition, however, it needed to have several tweaks before it could satisfy the needs of the website.
The slider needed to be roughly 2000 pixels wide by 730 tall, so that it would work well in a responsive layout inside of the website's image slider. So I figured that I would need to both crop down the height and edit the width with some spotting tools. Also while I was at it, I worked on removing the photo frames with various tools. The resulting image is shown below.
Now that the graphic itself is the right size and dimensions, I took a photo of a canvas print we had in the shop, and cropped it out of its original image, and popped it into the composition. Using the perspective transform I aligned it to the top of the couch. However, it had no width or shadow so I added those elements into the composition, and used a low opacity black and white filter to dim down the bright blues in the print to make it blend into the image.
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